About Us

We were founded in 2009. Since then, we have blended over 40 years of Civil and Structural Engineering experience with a passion to deliver thoroughly considered, well detailed advice, input and designs using up to date knowledge, techniques and software on time that meet our client’s needs.

We are greater than a sum of our parts.

A studio approach and embedded client commitment enables us to successfully tackle complex design challenges and bring proper value to every project we are involved with.

Our commitment to delivering for our clients and developing long term relationships is at the core of our business.

Design services cover multiple sectors, providing innovative and practical solutions to meet our clients’ needs. We’ve accumulated substantial experience working in lots of different structural materials including loadbearing masonry, structural timber (including “green timber”), plain and reinforced concrete, both hot rolled and cold rolled steel as well as zero carbon building techniques and modular construction.


Our team of dedicated professionals who are passionate about engineering and delivering exceptional results for our clients.

Eugene Travers-Jones
Managing Director

Eugene is a chartered structural engineer and a Fellow of the Institution of Structural Engineers. He has over 40 years of expertise, including ten years as a director of structural engineering at a prominent multinational multi-disciplinary engineering design consultancy. He has worked as a hands-on engineer on a wide range of projects across Wales, the UK, and Europe.

His experience spans all development sectors and project sizes, ranging from bespoke small-scale building projects to internationally recognised public sector projects.

Eugene is particularly interested in the design of sustainable buildings and structures, and he served on the Institution of Structural Engineers’ steering the committee on sustainable construction, he was a member of the drafting team for their current guide to sustainable structural design. Eugene is well-versed in design using all structural materials and is committed to creating well-planned and balanced designs from feasibility to completion.
Eugene has collaborated with some of the UK’s top architects and is responsible for a number of award-winning projects.


Deborah Hayes
Practice Manager & Finance

Deborah, our practice and finance manager, has been with us since June 2018. Having studied Business & Finance, she is passionate about the importance of finance, management, and business skills, and she enjoys supporting the company to improve their business and financial decision-making. 

Deborah ensures that the company operates efficiently on a daily basis, her duties include accounting, payroll, ensuring that the company’s compliance procedures and policies are up to date and for executing our business strategy. She is also responsible for all of our internal employment standards, health and safety administration, HR-related responsibilities, and that staff comply with standards. Deborah works closely with our team to provide guidance and implement solutions that ensure overall company continuity, sound operational decisions, and the maintenance of established practices.

Daniel Gilchrist
Senior Engineer

Daniel, our senior civil and structural engineer, has been with the company since 2013. Over the years, he has proven himself to be extremely competent technically, a dedicated team member and effective at managing and mentoring the engineering team. Daniel leads projects and meticulously designs and details civil and structural engineering solutions utilising various materials across all development sectors. Daniel’s keen eye for detail and commitment to well thought through technical solutions has contributed to numerous award-winning projects. Daniel collaborates directly with clients, architects, contractors, local authorities, and other partners in the industry. He has an extensive knowledge of engineering software such as Autodesk AutoCAD, Revit, Robot Structural Analysis, Tekla Tedds, and Flow by Causeway.

Joshua Hall
Graduate Engineer

Joshua, our graduate civil and structural engineer, demonstrates his dedication to the team by ably progressing the design and details of civil and structural solutions in a variety of engineering materials. Joshua’s drive and hard work have made him a valuable asset to our team and his passion is to continually grow and advance in all parts of civil/structural engineering. Since starting with us has excelled using software such as Autodesk AutoCAD, Revit, Robot Structural Analysis, and Tekla Tedds.